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Our Jewelry Manufacturing Services

Three primary elements have given us an edge over our competition:

1) Quality - In our process we have QC at every stage to ensure the quality of our product and maintain the standards given by our customers.

2) Consistency - our customers are able to rely on us year after year to to consistently deliver a high quality product at a reasonable price within a reasonable schedule, 2-8 weeks depending on the product and quantity.

3) Reliability - We have in house designers, engineers, and CAD teams that understand the need for timely product development; how to guarantee that the final product will maintain metal and diamond weight standards; and how to make the customers' design producible without compromising the integrity of the design.

We have all the necessary licenses for manufacturing jewelry (approx. 25 in total). have received positive results in a number of independent and keyu account audits, and have exemplary occupational safety and social security benefits, as well as modern and efficient product facilities, You can see all this for yourself during a visit to China with a factory tour. Airport pick-up and a traditional Chinese evening meal included!


We can use customer’s stones, but we also have long relationships with stone suppliers. We understand quality and can confidently make suggestions and assist customers in your selections of stones and designs. We can also provide all of your diamond and color stone needs at a competitive price.   Our goal is to help our customer create the most beautiful product so their customers returns again and again.

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