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Private Label and Bridal Solutions

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Couples and Men's bands

With continuous casting and tremendous CNC capabilities, we are able to offer our customers an extensive range of bands. We can build these either as men and women's couple's bands, or as trios with complimentary engagement ring, and finally as a solo men's band.

We can customize each in a variety of colors, with or without stones, and in your choice of metal. CNC items are made to order and delivered in 10-14 days.

You can custom create bands for your line or use our existing collections and modify them to your taste. We offer a wide range of silver samples which you can choose from.

Bride and Groom







What can we do for you?


We created our private label collection to help retailers and designers better accommodate the daily needs of the customer by offering contemporary designs, executed with master craftsmanship and available at reasonable prices. 


Designed and developed on premise, our collection consists of a wide variety of engagement rings, anniversary rings, eternity rings, diamond fashion, couples’ rings and men’s bands. All of our engagement rings are designed with matching bands.

We develop silver sample sets with cz's to place in your shops. We take orders on those samples and usually deliver within 7-14 days.

2. We can work with you to develop your own bridal line. We have on-hand experienced designers ready to create to the customers liking, (any model purchased becomes proprietary to customer).

Our designers and craftsman have designed and developed bridal rings for some of the most notable brands and retailers in the US and Europe. If you are interested in carrying or developing a bridal line we have several solutions we can offer.



We can easily modify designs with regards to stone size, finger size, metal, color, and more.

We provide stones for both melee and centers.

At your request we will provide displays and/or packaging.

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