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John Bagley made his mark with bridal, inlay, and color stone jewelry. Established for more than 40 years, IN-Store magazine has referred to John Bagley as one of America's top wedding ring designers.

John Bagley

Currently looking for distribution outside of the US.


Innovators with impeccable craftsmanship, Rauschmayer has been the leading producer of CNC items and couples rings throughout Europe since 1963.


Currently looking for distribution in the US, UK, and Australia


Designed in Germany with special attention to textures, diamonds and pearls, Viva has left an impression with its minimalist approach and brush gold finish.


Currently looking for distribution in the US, UK, and Australia


DIY Rocks features the ultimate do-it-yourself approach to personalized jewelry. With a simple kiosk and a simple display customers may create their own personalized jewelry with real time rendering. 

DIY Rocks

Currently looking for distribution in US, UK, and Australia.


"Lowndes was inspired by the enchanting corners of London; the magic that hangs in the air and the many stories that lie just below the surface. It's the London we lovc." Designed and produced with technical skill and precision. Lowndes offers a crisp, clean, feminine look in gold and  diamond product.

Lowndes London

Currently looking for distribution in US, and Australia.


Tzuri‘s Expression Collection is not just adornment, but empowerment. Designed to strengthen the freedom of expression and support global education, fine jewelry with a cause. In the hands of a child the pencil signifies freedom, and thus we believe the pencil should be as prevalent in the world as it is in our designs.

Using this universal motif for knowledge and self-expression, while partnering with non-profit, Pencils of Promise, we are dedicated to affecting real social change with every sale.


Currently looking for distribution in UK, and Australia.


While we have an excellent reputation in developing beautiful jewelry for our customers, over the years we have also became known through our own brands. If you are interested in carrying any of the brands below, and they are currently available in your area, please contact us and we will meet with you at your convenience. 

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