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Dear Partner

We are very happy to begin working with you. Below we have outlined some items to get you started.  


When you are ready to proceed you can contact us through the adjacent form or send an email to Terry Hurst Bagley or Sophie Wang. We will call you usually within 24 hours.


+86 186 2080 7545


+86 138 0299 4991

Once we understand your needs, we will assign a Project Manage to your account who will follow up with your orders and requests.



​Once we receive a purchase order we will immediately begin the work. With new customers we prefer to be paid upon completion of the work. Once we establish a payment history we can talk about terms. All of our customers pay us through wire transfer or PayPal. We are working to set up an online credit/debit card form of payment as well.  The wire transfer information is located on the bottom of your invoices.


You will find communication quite easy even though we are on the other side of the world. While most official communication it is best to use email, quick questions and discussions are easy through WeChat (WeChat is most preferred for working with China) or Skype. Either of those you can find with a quick search or in your app store or follow the links below and we will link through our user ID's.


All of our Project Managers speak fluent English and have many years of experience. You will find them quite helpful.


Our office is located in the Panyu district of Guangzhou, China with a logistics office in Hong Kong. We are located in one of the world’s premiere manufacturing centers. Therefore, shipping and receiving from and to our office is quite convenient and common with all the notable international shipping companies: Fedex, DHL, UPS, Malca, etc..

Our customers regularly ship valuable items, such as engagement rings, or their stones to us through their carrier. Their carrier generally insures the item at the customer’s request.

We can ship finished product to you through our account, but please note that it may be costlier as our account is set up through HK and Mainland, China, which we will bill to you. American accounts tend to get better rates.

You can send items to our office in Hong Kong:

Little Love Letter Limited

A2, Room 7, 2nd Floor

Hang Fung Industrial bldg. Phase 2,

No 2 Hok Yuen Street, Hung Hom,

Kowloon, Hong Kong OOOOO

Ph no 852-94279215


Thanks! Message sent.

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